About CTM

CTM Development was founded in 1985 to deliver user-centric software. Initially an Apple II and 512k Mac developer, CTM's first years were focused on the nascent Macintosh platform.

Its first search product, TeleSearch, began its life in 1988 to deliver a fast CD ROM-based telephone directory solution for Switzerland. TeleSearch, also known as the TSEngine, was soon ported to Windows, DEC VAX (remember that ?) and Unix, and gave birth to a market-leading array of products: Mac 111, Win 111, Mac 111 Pro, Quick 111, Telinfo and Switch directory.

Bridging the world of search with personal communications, CTM in the 1990's built several screen-based telephony solutions such as VoiceAccess, a voice-mail product distributed by the Concord, Missouri based STF technologies as a complement product to

In 1995, through its voice-mail familiarity with Apple's AOCE messaging platform, CTM first introduced PowerMail 1.0 at Macworld Expo in Boston. In 1997, PowerMail was the first application to Apple's VTwin text retrieval engine, while the TSEngine was enhanced with online-query facilities of central telephone directories.

As PowerMail kept evolving, 1999 saw the first incarnation of a clean-sheet messaging framework called the PowerMail engine, a cross-platform foundation used from version 3.0 to this day in PowerMail.

The first version of PowerMail for Mac OS X was released in late 2000, and prototypes of a secure messaging project were demonstrated at Apple in 2001.

In 2003, the core FoxTrot search engine was designed and developed from scratch for use within PowerMail version 4. FoxTrot is a key component of PowerMail version 5 and 6, and is at the heart of the standalone line of FoxTrot products.

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