FoxTrot Search Server

FoxTrot Search Server

What's new in FoxTrot Search Server:

What is FoxTrot Search Server ?

Extending the client-server features contained in FoxTrot Professional Search, FoxTrot Search Server enables organizations to deploy faceless indexing and search services either on a file server itself or on a machine indexing files across a network.

FoxTrot Search Server can run on standard (non-server) or Server versions of macOS 10.11 through 10.14+

Although file sharing is required for preview and secondary search within documents, text-only search and retrieval is possible even without having mounted a file server volume.

Licensing Model

FoxTrot Search server for Mac OS X is included with all multi-user licences of FoxTrot Professional (10 users and above) at no additional cost.

A tip on experimenting and deploying FoxTrot Search Server

The first step in trying out FoxTrot Search Server is gaining familiarity with the abilities of FoxTrot Professional Search, then sharing an index across the network from the 30-day evaluation application.

For production-level deployment, install FoxTrot Search Server on the desired server and migrate the indices and settings within minutes.

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