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"FoxTrot Attaché Search is an iPad and iPhone companion to FoxTrot Personal and Professional Search, far and away the most powerful search and indexing application on the Mac.  It leaves applications like Spotlight, Devonsphere Express and Found for dead.

The indices Foxtrot builds can have the text contents of the files included, including emails, PDF, PowerPoint, etc.  With Foxtrot Attaché, one can now take those indices and the contents with you.  This means I can take all my emails with me or the contents of 1000 academic articles.

The searching is fairly flexible on iOS and the speed is blinding.  I mean instant, like you've got a Mac Pro doing it. If you use Foxtrot Search, get this.  If you don't use Foxtrot Search and you have a lot of files to search, check it out." --         The real Entropy Dave5 on the Apple App Store (UK)

PowerMail & FoxTrot Search

July 2015 - New ! FoxTrot Professional Search 5.5 public beta 7 final candidate, FoxTrot Personal Search 5.5 public beta 7 final candidate and FoxTrot Search Server 5.5 public beta 7 final candidate now available for testing with new features — download – buy

May 2015 - FoxTrot Professional Search 5.0.3, FoxTrot Personal Search 5.0.3 and FoxTrot Search Server 5.0.3 
now released, supporting Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite — download – buy


- Full support for Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite / 10.9 Mavericks tags:

  - multiple color badges displayed in the result list

  - list of tags displayed in the preview header

  - you can assign tags to one or multiple selected found files [pro]

- New thumbnail sheet (contact sheet) result view 

- user interface improvements

  - when using the multi-column result list, some columns can now be removed using the contextual menu

  - added a button to the toolbar to toggle whether the popover preview of documents is enabled or not

  - New toolbar icon to toggle screen layout

  - Multiple thumbnail previews when selecting multiple found files

  - When selecting multiple tags in the categorization pane, added a button to toggle between "all selected tags" and "any  selected tag"

- Updated look and feel to integrate with the forthcoming Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite

FoxTrot Services Menu item, allowing searches from a selection of text within most applications [PRO]

- Ability to earch in a specific folder  [PRO]

- Thumbnail popover in list of found items  [PRO]

- system menu and AppleScript improvements  [PRO]

  - search using specific template

  - search in a specific folder

- Action menu on one or multiple selected found files [PRO]

  - move to trash

  - move to folder

  - rename

  - reindex

- iOS sync improvements [PRO]:

  - you can now automate the upload of indices to a server, where FoxTrot Attaché Search for iOS will download them

  - iOS sync improvements: created ability to write custom AppleScripts for uploading index files

- Finder comments and tags are now indexed for all document types, and not only those for which a spotlight metadata importer exists


- Accelerated performance when previewing the same found file multiple times, i.e.large PDF files

- rebuilding all indices at startup is now performed more efficiently, whenever the number of indices is higher than the number of CPU cores

- Fixed error 999 when permission problems in /Library/Caches or /Library/Caches/TemporaryPublicItems and files inside it

- Improved UI for iOS sync

- Added Retina icons

- fixed a number of bugs mentioned by our respected testers


- requires 10.7.x or higher

* * *

FoxTrot Professional Search 4.6, FoxTrot Personal Search 4.6 and FoxTrot Search Server 4.6 — download – buy

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PowerMail 6.2.1, now nearing its 20th anniversary, with rewritten networking code to support Mac OS X 10.9 / 10.10  — download – buy

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